Who Dares Wins

At 8 years old I remember reading the SAS motto “Who Dares Wins” on the wall of my Scout hut.

Almost 24 years later, I’m finally beginning to understand its significance.

Fear rules my life. My achievements come from overcoming fear. My inadequacies come from avoiding scary things.

Who Dares Wins is why I spent four months building an AI video editor without launching it. I did not dare and I lost.

But Who Dares Wins is also why I started a podcast even though I thought everyone would laugh at me. I dared, and I won.

Ant from Supabase dared to build a growth strategy relying on memes when everyone told them it wouldn’t work.

James from PostHog dared to build a product without a sales team.

GitLab dared to put every single one of their meetings online.

They have all won big.

Recently, I decided to sell an idea before building it. Why? Selling is scary, but customers drive you on. It worked way better than I expected. We got a little win. So now we will keep on daring.

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