In developer marketing, start with what

In developer marketing, start with what

Nimrod Kramer, CEO of, was recently interviewed on the Scaling DevTools podcast. In the interview, Nimrod shares his insights on developer marketing, and how has scaled quickly to over 150,000 users.

Start with what

Nimrod emphasises the importance of 'starting with what' in developer marketing. He believes that developers are some of the best bullshit detectors in the world, and so it is important to be explicit about what your product does.

The key is to start with what the product does and then let developers use it to figure out the why for themselves. This is the opposite of the traditional marketing approach advocated by Simon Sinek, which starts with why the product exists.

Reduce time to hello world

Nimrod also believes that a good developer marketing strategy should focus on giving developers the tools they need to prove how the product works, rather than trying to sell them on the benefits of using the product.

Developer advocates generate advocates

Nimrod credits Francesco Ciulla, Developer Advocate at, with changing the way he thinks about developer advocacy.

Francesco's vision for success is that a developer advocacy program will eventually generate its own developer advocates.

Not just employees of the company, but from within the community. And this is already starting to happen organically.

Recently, a group of power users launched the 100 Days of Reading an Article challenge, where participants share their reading history of articles found on

Listen to the full interview here

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