Developer Marketing Conferences You Can’t Miss

Developer Marketing Conferences You Can’t Miss
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As the demand for developers continues to rise, so too does the demand for tools to make developers more productive. Tools that help developers create, test and debug software are being developed at an unprecedented rate.

For these companies that are looking to market their tools, conferences provide one of the best ways to learn about developer marketing. Here are some developer marketing conferences you can’t miss in 2022.

Evans Data Developer Marketing Summit

The fifth annual developer marketing summit by Evans Data Corporation will equip you with valuable information from leading developers from some of the top tech companies in the world.

The event, set to take place between September 12 and 13 2022, will host a number of speakers including:

  • Brian Gorbett - Global Head of Developer Outreach at META
  • Belinda Adkisson – Director of Global Marketing at Intel
  • Matt Thompson - Director of Developer Adoption, Google Cloud at GOOGLE

This summit will feature panels, workshops, in-person sessions and networking events. You are likely to interact with top executives in tech companies such as CEOs, CTOs and VPs, product marketing managers and directors from different companies and heads of developer marketing.


There are different costs for this event. The summit pass, which allows you to attend the summit will cost $795. There are 3 additional conference passes that cost $695 each.  Evans Data have a super early bird special pricing set to end on June 15th.

Developer Marketing Alliance

The developer marketing alliance summit is set to help developers learn how to market themselves as well as impact others.

The summit usually takes place in March and hosts a mixture of speakers from different tech companies including some of the biggest companies such as WhatsApp and Amazon.

Some of the speakers that have previously been invited include:

  • Arabella David - Head of developer marketing - WhatsApp
  • Mario Vivani - Head of Developer Evangelism, Worldwide (Apps & Games) - Amazon
  • Jeremy Castile  - Senior Director of Product Marketing - Docker

These, among other leaders in the developer and business world, are set to help you learn through keynotes, panels, fireside chats and OnDemand Content.


There are 3 tiers for payment with the Developer Marketing Alliance. These include:

  1. Free live access which includes access to a live broadcast for anyone who would like to join the summit. Anyone attending the event will be able to view all content.
  2. Live and OnDemand pass. This goes for $99. With this, you will get to watch the event live and get unlimited access to all session replays.
  3. PMA membership. This is an annual plan that has a one-off cost of $499. It comes with exclusive content, templates, and frameworks that include more than 250 hours of video content, access to PMM mentors, toolkits, peer advisory councils and much more.


DevGuild is an event aimed at helping developers launch their products effectively. Their Developer-first Go-To-Market approach aims at helping developers build groundbreaking tools and products and sell them at an enterprise level.

Through events such as Software Defined Movements and Product Marketing, developers get to listen to notable leaders in the tech community such as:

  • Erica Brescia- Co-founder and COO of Bitnami
  • Mike Knoop- Co-founder and CPO at Zapier
  • Sid Sijbrandij- Co-founder, CEO GitLab

Currently, DevGuild is planning a Speaker series virtual fireside with Guy Podjarny on Developer-First GTM slotted for April 21 2022.

DevRel conferences

DevRel conferences are events put together to help developers expand their product reach. This usually involves helping them improve on areas such as dev marketing.

If you are a developer looking to market your products and tools, then you are guaranteed to benefit from learning important aspects such as developer marketing, developer experience, developer success and community.

Also, through such events, you will get to enjoy varied perks such as access to funding, increased revenue, and brand recognition among others.

Below is a DevRel conference you don’t want to miss out on.

DevRelCon - Prague 2022

Taking place on the 6th December and 7th December 2022 in Prague, DevRelCon has historically been considered the highlight of the DevRel calendar and definitely not one to miss.


Early bird tickets start at €165.29 + €34.71 VAT

Are you excited about any of these upcoming conferences?

There are definitely a lot of exciting conferences to look forward to. From learning new things and technologies to making new and important connections, there seems to be something special for everyone interested.

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